January 2013

The group has completed the move to Harvard University. We will post some pictures soon!

August 2012

Volleyball team defeats the Movassaghi lab team 3-0 in a tough volleyball match to win the 2012 chemistry volleyball championship.

We are the champions!

May 2012

Dr. Tom Teets has a flawless Ph.D. defense and departs for the Bercaw group

April 2012

Dr. Mike Marshak on his successfully defends his Ph.D. and embarks on a trek up the Pacific coast. Godspeed!

November 2011

Robert Halbach, Andrew Maher, and Dave Song join the group.

July 2011

Congratulations to our recent graduates Dr. Yogesh Surendranath and Dr. Changhoon Lee, and best of luck to our outgoing Post-docs Bob, Dino, and Stas. Welcome to our newest lab member, Tim, who joins us from the University of Illinois.

3 January 2011

Welcome to our newest lab member, Elizabeth, who comes to us from the great state of Texas.

12 November 2010

Welcome to our new first year students, Bryce, Bon Jun, Dan, and Michael. It looks like they're ready to face their research!

First Years 2010

16 August 2010

The new website has been launched! Please report bugs to the webmaster.

7 August 2010

This year's professional summer course has concluded.

1 August 2010

Welcome to new postdocs Joep Pijpers and Manos Roumpelakis

1 May 2010

Welcome to new postdoc Seung Woo Lee, who is a joint researcher with Yang Shao-Horn.
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